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Our Mission
We will partner with our clients to provide the highest quality service and maximize recoveries on their behalf. We will elevate the process of subrogation and inter-company arbitration by raising the bar of thoroughness and professionalism, always putting ethics and integrity first. We will capitalize on the experience of professionals possessing specialized knowledge in order to better serve the needs of the industry, and we will work with a sense of urgency that constantly demonstrates the value we place on our client relationships.

Our History
Paragon Subrogation Services, Inc., a privately held California corporation, was founded in 1995 with a goal of providing quality multi-line subrogation and arbitration outsourcing services to self-insured entities and insurance carriers. Paragon offers superior value, outstanding service, and impressive net recoveries while eliminating the costs associated with in-house subrogation.

1995 – Ani Naccachian, a pioneer in the outsourced subrogation industry, founds Paragon Subrogation Services to provide Uninsured Motorist and Arbitration services to leading insurers.

1997 – Paragon recovers the first $1 million for our clients.

1997 - Paragon audit results achieve 100% accuracy on client audits.

1998 – Paragon is one of the first outsourced companies to join The National Association of Subrogation Professionals.

1999 – Paragon recovers $10 million for our clients.

2001 – Paragon expands services to include litigation files.

2002 – Paragon doubles our office space to account for business growth.

2003 – Paragon receives our 5-year Certification from the National Association of Subrogation Professionals (NASP). Paragon becomes the only company allowed to advertise as “E-Speed Specialists.”

2003 – Paragon files more than 14,000 arbitration files on behalf of our clients.

2003 - Paragon becomes the largest filer of third-party arbitration claims with Arbitration Forum. Paragon ranks third in the total industry, behind State Farm and Allstate.

2003 – All Paragon arbitration specialists are named Arbitration Forum panelists.

2004 – Paragon implements a system allowing our clients real-time access to their files, 24 hours a day.

2004 – Paragon recovers more than $20 million for our clients.

2005 – Selected by Arbitration Forums to beta-test the latest version of high-speed online arbitration filing system, generating significant time savings and improving cash flow for clients.

2005 – Paragon celebrates 10 years of service to our clients and their claimants.

2006 - Paragon launches our MedPay division with an industry-leading insurance carrier.

2008 - Paragon enhances our online, real-time client portal to allow clients to both read and place notes within individual files.

2009 - Paragon enhances our reporting system to enable clients to run online statistical analyses of files placed with us.

2010 - Paragon Subrogation Services celebrates 15 years of business. We continue to be the nationwide leader in the subrogation industry.

2013 - Paragon Subrogation Services upgrades to new state of the art client access system.

2014- Paragon Subrogation Services receives Woman Owned Business Certification from WBENC, the industry standard for Third Party certification.


Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Ani Naccachian is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Paragon Subrogation. Ani is a recognized leader within the subrogation and arbitration industry and has been a strong contributor in the industry for more than 20 years. She is highly regarded by customers for her integrity, business results and commitment to customer service. Ani's expertise and forward thinking led Paragon to be one of the first outsourced companies to join the National Association of Subrogation Professionals (NASP) as well as a leading member of Arbitration Forum (AF).

Prior to founding Paragon Subrogation Services in 1995, Ani worked in a variety of supervisory and managerial positions in subrogation and arbitration at Farmers Insurance and 21st Century Insurance. Ani graduated from Pierce College and is a member of NASP, AF, the Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Women Business Owners.

Paragon maintains membership in a number of leading trade, business, and community organizations, including:

  National Association of Subrogation Professionals – Platinum Member


 WBENC Certified Woman Owned Business

Better Business Bureau, Los Angeles – Company Rating: AA
National Association of Women Business Owners – Los Angeles Chapter

News and Press Releases
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