Privacy Policy

At Paragon we recognize the importance of guarding the sensitive information we utilize to fulfill our jobs. We employ significant measures to ensure that our clients’ information, claimants’ data, and all related business information are securely stored and inaccessible to unauthorized individuals.

Paragon Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to all current and former clients and claimants and their associated parties. This Privacy Policy updates and replaces all prior privacy policies from Paragon and is subject to change. Unless we indicate otherwise, the term “your information” in this Privacy Policy means Personal, Corporate, Insured, and Claimant Information. We collect information about you from you, from our experience with you, and from other individuals and companies. This helps us in our efforts to verify your identity, protect against fraud and identity theft, and enhance the customer service we offer you.

Do We Share Your Information?

We do not share your information with any organization or individual outside Paragon. 

How We Keep Your Information Safe
We maintain physical, procedural, and electronic safeguards designed to protect your information. To help you understand our Privacy Policy, we have provided it to you in a question-and-answer format:

1. How do you protect information? 
We protect your information with physical, procedural, and electronic safeguards that comply with applicable federal security standards. If you are a former client or claimant, we maintain the confidentiality of your information as if you were still a customer.

2. How do you ensure that my information is accurate? 
We want your information to be accurate. We follow reasonable commercial standards to maintain your information accurately. If you notify us of inaccurate or outdated information, we will investigate and take appropriate action.

3. What kinds of information do you gather? 
We may collect the following types of information:
• PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION: includes name, phone number, address, claim file data, and other relevant information.
• EXPERIENCE INFORMATION: including information from our experience with clients and claimants, such call logs, account transactions, and payments.
• OTHER INFORMATION. 1. Information that submitted to us, such as income and home ownership or rental. 2. Information from companies that provide consumer data as a service to other companies, such as demographic or public-record information. 3. Information from credit bureaus. We may also collect information about online activity on our Web sites (through “cookies” or similar means) in order to make them more usable, but we do not collect information in this way that identifies individuals without their knowledge.

4. How do you use this information? 
We use this information solely to help us service our clients and recover claims on their behalf. 

5. How do we work together to protect my data on your computer? 
If you are transacting business with us over the Internet, we take steps to protect the security of your information, such as: Keeping our databases and our Web servers separate and protecting each with an electronic and physical firewall; Using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology to transmit confidential information between your browser and our Web servers; and Monitoring our network to keep your information secure. 

For your part, it is important that you do not walk away from your computer when in communication with our servers. Before anyone else uses your computer, clear your cache or restart your browser (this eliminates copies of Web pages that have been stored in your hard drive). The preference menu on your browser can tell you how to clear your cache. Safeguard your passwords and PIN or other identifying numbers and do not share them with others. Avoid basing your PIN on easily available information like your mother’s maiden name, your birth date, the last four digits of your Social Security number, or your phone number. Keep personal information such as your mother’s maiden name and identifying numbers (including your Social Security, driver’s license, passport, and credit card numbers) in a safe and secure place. DO NOT share this information unless you know the purpose for which it will be used. 

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