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Our goal at Paragon Subrogation Services is simple: Maximize net recoveries while providing superior service to our clients nationwide. We do that by utilizing our years of industry experience, listening to our customers, employing state-of-the-art technology, and ensuring that integrity is at the core of everything we do. We focus on the most critical factors that deliver the quickest return and measure our success based on actual results. We serve clients ranging from those who assign only a handful of files each month to major carriers to whom we provide seven-figure recoveries on a monthly basis. Best of all, we financially structure our pricing to maximize value to you.

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Carrier to Carrier Subrogation

Carrier to carrier subrogation claims are some of the most common claims that adjusters deal with on a daily basis. Paragon offers specialized carrier to carrier subrogation services that allow adjusters to maintain manageable queues, which in turn lead to the highest returns possible. Carrier to carrier subrogation files are assigned to a dedicated team of processionals who boast years of experience and unmatched negotiation skills.

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Auto and Property Arbitration

Paragon is a member of Arbitration Forums, Inc. for resolution of disputes between insurers as well as self-insured entities. Each of our arbitration specialists have a significant amount of know-how in the industry. Paragon boasts some of the highest win rations among all TPAs for both response- only filings, and applications. Pricing is structured based on client preference, with both flat-rate and contingency-based fee plans being offered.

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Uninsured Motorist (UM) Subrogation

Uninsured motorist subrogation claims are often the most time-consuming and frustrating claims that an adjuster will have to deal with. Paragon works with its clients to take over these claims, and assigns them to dedicated uninsured motorist specialists who utilize a wide variety of tools and legal remedies to secure a much higher return rate than otherwise possible. Many agencies have automated the process of dealing with uninsured motorist claims using only letter campaigns and automated dialers, but we at Paragon believe that methods such as these (which are traditionally used for unsecured debts) aren’t acceptable for subrogation claims.

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Total Subrogation Outsource

Insurers and other self-insured corporations traditionally focus on the core functions of their business. Subrogation, risk management, and claims handling are often a secondary process in the corporate pecking order. This can result in sub-par recoveries that hurt the bottom line. By committing to a total subrogation outsource, clients can focus on the main functions of their business. Paragon has successfully increased subrogation recoveries by millions of dollars for numerous clients. The benefits of eliminating in-house recovery departments are real.

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Arbitration Forums E-Subro Hub

Paragon was the first TPA to beta-test and utilize the Arbitration Forums E-Subro Hub system, and therefore already boasts a high level of expertise on this new platform. With the use of E-Subro Hub, Paragon can take over negotiations on claims soon after the first notice of loss. E-Subro Hub has proven to be a cost-savings tool for many clients already, as lower fees and fast turnaround times can be offered due to the nature of the process. E-Subro Hub allows for claims to be resolved quickly, sometimes without the need for letters or phone calls.

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Med-Pay Reimbursement

Med-Pay reimbursement subrogation is a line of business in which carriers have left millions of dollars of potential recoveries on the table in the past. This is often due to the complex nature of the practice. Different laws and standards in all 50 states make in-house handling a complicated process. The practice also involves communication with insureds, an act that needs to be carried out sensitively and professionally, with customer service being the number-one priority. Paragon is exceptionally well versed with Med-Pay claims, with years of experience and millions of dollars in recoveries for its clients. Paragon utilizes its experience and established relationships with attorneys (who often represent insureds with personal injury claims) to maximize recoveries. Med-Pay reimbursement recoveries that were previously unaccounted for can be a significant boost to your company’s bottom line.

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Rental Car Claims Handling

Paragon has served the needs of many rental carriers and self-insured fleets. These clients have ranged from small regional companies to major nationwide corporations. Paragon has the facility to completely take over an agency’s subrogation/claims handling process or provide overflow support when need be. Outsourcing claims makes sense for self-insured entities as it opens up the time and resources to focus on core business operations, which in turn leads to a stronger bottom line.

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Medical/Health-Care Subrogation

Medical subrogation and health-care subrogation are two of the most complex practices in the industry. Paragon has a dedicated team of medical and health-care subrogation professionals who focus only on these specialized fields. Paragon’s recovery process is HIPAA compliant. This ensures that recoveries are handled professionally. Paragon’s medical and health-care recovery staff is extremely well versed with the regulatory procedures, always making sure that clients are protected from liabilities.

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Closed or Pending File Review

Paragon has processes in place to review claims that have already been closed for subrogation potential. Millions of dollars in recoveries that were previously unaccounted for are recovered for Paragon’s clients on a yearly basis. These closed file reviews can be done on-site or remotely utilizing Paragon’s secure remote access systems.

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Second Placements

Claims that have been worked by either in-house departments or other recovery firms are often placed with Paragon for second, third, and even final efforts. By referring these placements to Paragon clients ensure that no potential recoveries are lost. These placements also allow for a quality-control process to be implemented. Paragon’s recovery numbers often match or surpass prior recovery efforts due to the process set in place to exhaust all efforts before closing out a file.

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Litigation Management

Paragon can supervise claims that are in the litigation process with its network of nationwide attorneys. By hiring Paragon to supervise and manage litigation files clients can ensure that they are getting the best results while keeping legal fees to a minimum. The oversight and expertise that Paragon’s litigation staff provides has proven to be very valuable for many clients. The otherwise tedious task becomes a worry-free and efficient process.

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Payment Queue Facilitation

Many of Paragon’s clients have developed in-house payment queues in which claimants make monthly payments towards their claims. This process is often very tedious as it requires constant review, follow up, and processing. Paragon’s dedicated payment queue staff has the capability to seamlessly take over this task and transform it into a constant revenue stream with little to no effort from clients. Payment queue files are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that claimants stay current with their payments, and settlements are often negotiated to close out claims and complete the recovery process.

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Closed Claim Audit

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  • Insurance Carriers
  • Rideshare Companies
  • Car and Truck Rental
  • Corporate Fleets
  • Financial Services
  • City and State Governments
  • Transportation
  • Consumer Goods
  • Hospitality
  • Utility Companies
  • And More

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