At Paragon, we believe that investing in and utilizing the best available technologies enables our staff to maximize productivity, shorten file processing cycles, and collect more money for our clients faster than any other subrogation company.

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Collection System

We employ a highly secure Web-based claims management system, an effective scanning and imaging system and high-speed online filing capabilities to provide the most cost-effective service for our clients. By sending files electronically to Paragon, customers have lowered their costs and Paragon has improved file cycle times. In addition, this technology enables us to customize reports based on each client’s requirements.

Paperless Filing

Our clients have the option to submit their files to Paragon on-line. This paperless file system has reduced data entry time, eliminated the need for time-consuming drop-filing of both inbound and outbound correspondence, and decreased data retrieval time—improving overall customer service and operational efficiency.

24×7 Access

Utilizing Paragon’s technology, you will have access to our secure file management system and can review any file at any time—24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This Web-based real-time audit capability allows you to view all file details, including contact documentation, file status, and conversation records. You will see the same screen our staff members see. We pride ourselves on the level of detail and thorough documentation of our recovery efforts, and welcome the opportunity to prove it to you—anytime you want to see it.


Our reporting module includes both standard and custom formats. Our standard reports include placement reports and, status and closure reports, as well as to-the-penny accounting included with each monthly disbursement. With recent advances in technology, our clients can now run customized reports that can be accessed right from our secure Web site and saved in popular formats such as Microsoft Excel or Access. Our custom reporting capability allows each client to specify the format, the content, and the frequency of reports or run them at their own convenience right from our Web site.


To ensure information security, we maintain strict procedural, physical, and electronic policies and employ leading technology to maximize protection and privacy. In addition, to protect our clients’ interests, we employ a comprehensive Business Recovery Plan designed to quickly address any potential service interruptions.

Skip Tracing

Further, as part of our recoveries process, we consistently utilize leading independent skip tracing technology to ensure we have exhausted all available recovery channels and maximized claim recoveries.

Payment Processing

Finally, we are able to accept online payments from claimants through our secure Web site, facilitating quicker collections for our clients. We accept payment via most major credit cards, debit cards, and pay-by-check online.